Art for Social Change

Farrah-Marie Miranda’s work emphasizes the power of ordinary people to enact change. Drawing on a decade of organizing within migrant justice movements, Farrah-Marie founded the Mass Arrival project in 2013. The project mobilizes public interventions into the discourse of illegality surrounding migrant boat arrivals to the West. Acclaimed for its synthesis of performance, new media, and the law, Mass Arrival has exhibited internationally. Reviews of Farrah-Marie's work have been featured in publications as diverse as Canadian Theatre Review, Canadian Art Magazine, the Toronto Star, the Torontoist, FUSE Magazine, This Magazine and in the anthology, Wildfire: Art as Activism. Farrah-Marie's writing appears in diverse publications, including the book, Art in the Wake of the Komagatamaru: Transpacific Migration, Race and Contemporary Art.


Twitter: @farrah_miranda